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About us

Aviation Consultants Ehmanns is a small aviation consultant company, founded in 2001 by Johannes M. Ehmanns. He coordinates and runs a group of up to 15 freelance consultancies with aviation, technical, planning, design and/or economical background on airport or airline consultancy.

Not only through his interest in foreign life and cultures, Ehmanns spent a lot of time working in all parts of the world, including Russia, China, Greenland, Iceland, Tanzania, South Africa, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Sudan, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile. These experiences provide him with an outstanding knowledge and understanding of different cultures and mentalities around the world.

This is why Ehmanns makes sure that his colleagues have a good understanding of the respective culture if it comes to a field job in areas different to the European mentality.

Johannes M. Ehmanns’ career in aviation started in 1980 in a trainee position as an air force pilot on the Lockheed F-104. Discovering that flying military planes is not the ultimate job, Ehmanns changed and got employed at Deutsche Lufthansa Technik AG in Frankfurt, Germany where he worked as a ground engineer for B727, B747, A300 and A310 aircraft. Ehmanns also trained mechanics from international airlines on these aircraft types and was send abroad for technical support on grounded aircrafts or for training engineers, colleagues or mechanics; Ehmanns was also on the team who put the technical hangar of Lufthansa Technik AG at MUCII into operation. Besides his job he started to join classes at the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt where he received a Diploma in Technical Engineering. After leaving the classes at Darmstadt, Ehmanns enlisted at the Open University Hagen for Economy Diploma courses and finished 2001.

In 1995 Ehmanns was hired as a specialist for technical and economical improvement for the ground operation at the international Airport Cologne/Bonn, Germany. Remarkable events during the time at Airport Cologne/Bonn include the management and handling of the additional traffic and operation during the fire disaster at Duesseldorf airport, when all of a sudden 65% of the existing 15 million passengers per year traffic was diverted to Cologne, as well as the smooth operation for the EU and G-8 Summit in Cologne 1999. A great challenge was the project management for the Y-2K operation at the Airport Cologne. Prepared thoroughly by Ehmanns, not one electronic device failed within the airport. In 2000 Ehmanns was asked to join a joint venture company of Lufthansa Consulting GmbH and Lufthansa Systems AG (TTI Consult - specialising on aviation consultancy without having the name Lufthansa in its branding); but this office job was not what Ehmanns envisioned, he wanted to work in the field - at and on airports. That was the impulse for Johannes M. Ehmanns to start working as a freelancer and to found his company Aviation Consultants Ehmanns in 2001

Please see projects or presentationsfor a complete overview of Joh. M. Ehmanns’ and Aviation Consultants Ehmanns’ experiences.