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Master Planning

Through the practical and long term background in airport and airline business, we know what an airport or an airline needs to be able to offer a high service level to their customers and nevertheless gain revenue! Also, our companies philosophy on Master Planning is to offer sustainable planning!

Example: Traffic movements per day

Before we start to draw up a customer-made Master Plan, we survey and evaluate the situation with the airport or airline management on the spot. We take, amongst other things, into account:

  • Past economical and technical development of the airport
  • Financial situation of the airport, airline
  • Market Potential and Benchmarking
  • Political and economical situation around the airport
  • Organizational structure and wealth of the airport, airline
  • Secure future growth of the airport while minimizing negative effects on the local community and environment
  • Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Traffic Forecasts
  • Simulations

Example: Pax forecast per year

Please have a look at our Master Planning projects here.

Example: Passenger distribution forecast