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Traffic Forecasts

Having a serious traffic forecast means knowing nearly exactly how the future of your airport or airline will look like.

However, it would be a wrong understanding to think having a traffic forecast is insurance for the future of my business. The traffic forecast is the result of a momentary research and reviewed traffic situation. All forecast impacts beside political or ecological disasters can be determined nowadays on a realistic high level. Nonetheless, Aviation Consultants Ehmanns divides traffic forecasts in short, mid and long term traffic figures and recommend reviewing or updating a traffic forecast regularly at least every three to five years.

The short term traffic forecast evaluate the traffic figures of the next 3 to maximum 5 years.

Depending on the size of the airport or airline and sort of air traffic, this time frame can be forecasted very realistic and enables an airport or airline to set up their business plans or budgets on this short term forecast.

The mid term traffic forecast is the ideal base to improve your company and prepare them for the future.

Having solid data on the traffic development for the next 3 or 5 to 10 or 12 years is an optimum time frame for staff and equipment planning. Also short dated decisions can be made on this forecast.

Long term traffic forecast should be used for strategic decision only.

Normally the long term traffic forecast considers a time frame of up to 25 years. Even with the knowledge that some events like the up and down of an economy turns up within a known cycle. Taking such cycles into account of a traffic forecast calculation, Aviation Consultants Ehmanns calculate three figures for a long term traffic forecast:
• Optimistic traffic forecast
• Average traffic forecast
• Minimum traffic forecast

Aviation Consultants Ehmanns will point out the Pros and Cons of every long term forecast models. This includes also the effects and recommendation on the company’s revenue and strategy.