Aviation Consultants Ehmanns
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Aviation Consultants Ehmanns performs aviation simulations with well known and FAA, ICAO or IATA accepted software like SIMMOD, SIMMOD PRO!, Integrated Noise model, ArcTerm, PathPlanner and others.

Let us face it: We use simulations only to squeeze out the last possible movement. Simulations are a superb and accepted instrument to proof or state a capacity or movement situation on ground or in air. Good simulations software and their animation are easy to understand even by non-aviation people.

With our operational and scientific experience we mostly calculate the possible capacity or noise contour. This is much faster for a single case than a simulation, but once a simulation model is set up and calibrated, it delivers very fast data to proof certain strategies, concepts and state which will be the best decision for operational improvements.

The advantage of a simulation is that you can visualize certain traffic situation without hindering the real traffic. This is the best possibility to check potential improvements of their seriousness if you have a fast growing or a huge constraint airport infrastructure.