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Airport Quick-Check

The results of an Airport-Quick-Check show up the existing weak points and offer an ideal starting point for restructuring, improvements or optimizations.

Starting Assumptions:

  • Airports have to be seen as very complex and dynamic organizations
  • Exogenous influences, like national or international laws or the economic situation, regional requirements, airlines' situations and also the competition with other airports call for a steady adaptation of the airport strategy to grow by market shares and profit
  • Normally, adjustments, improvements or security requirements have influence on more than one segment or level at an airport

Benefits of an Airport-Quick-Check:

  • A complete overview about the efficiency of the airport within a very short time
  • The Airport-Quick-Check can be done by involving only one member of the top management

Results of an Airport-Quick-Check:

  • Points out the effects up-to-date and tailored to suit the needs of the market for the single divisions with respect to the finances, operation, quality and service
  • Valuation of the organizational structure according to efficiency and functionality
  • Valuation of the existing infrastructure according to functionality, safety requirements, airport and airspace capacity as well as environmental topics
  • Valuation of the service points according to capacity, functionality and safety
  • Valuation of future market potentials and their chances
  • Valuation according to existing laws, regulations etc.