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Aviation Management & Manager Coaching

Strategic or operational decisions of an Aviation Management or of Aviation Manager have often a long range influence and impact on the business.

Aviation Consultants Ehmanns has the expertise and knowledge from over 50 projects at over 20 national or international airports and 10 national or international airlines of different sizes. With the scientific background of our staff, Aviation Consultants Ehmanns is highly enabled to support and advice Aviation Managements or Managers for their trend-setting management decision and the successful future of their company.

The economic success of our customers states Aviation Consultants Ehmanns exceptional knowledge on this subject and the custom-made advisories.

Because of the importance of such a coaching, Joh. M. Ehmanns with his operational, technical and economics background from his airline or airport management experiences, leads the project himself.

The last project of this kind we successfully finished was a Coaching-Project for an Airport Management who had to solve a lot of very tricky decisions to enable the airport for the next decades and to be good positioned in the competition with surrounding airports.

The respective management couching was done for the CEO and their board of directors of an international airport in Europe.

The ranges of the discussions were from closing or privatize the airport up to invest millions of Euro to be very good positioned for the future competition and to gain profit for the shareholders. The coaching project lasted 3 months. Numerous single talks were executed to reach a common understanding of the management with its Board of Director for far-ranging decision of the airport’s future.

Now this airport ranks economically as one of the best airports in Europe.