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Optimization of Aircraft Operation

The one and only wisdom about aircraft operation:

• An aircraft earns only money when it is in the air and has a good load factor

The reverse conclusion means having an aircraft on the ground - no matter if for maintenance or taxiing- costs money. For many airlines it is essential flying to airports where they get a guarantee on a fast turn around and reasonable ground movement time... and nearly no delays!

A lot of ground aircraft operation projects executed by Aviation Consultants Ehmanns were done without huge invests on infrastructure. Mostly it turned out that changes in the Air Traffic Management already minimize the taxiing time of aircrafts. Another successful factor is always to review the existing airfield layout and airfield markings. Clear, visible and ICAO based markings are a enabler to lead an aircraft safe and fast from the runway to the parking position and visa versa. Knowing only how much fuel an aircraft needs for an additional minute of taxiing time it is easy to calculate the additional price tag for an airline flying to an so called “delay airport”.

Eliminating all airport related delay factors is definitely one of the most important reasons for an airline to take such an airport into account for their growth.

Aviation Consultants Ehmanns has a wide range of experience and expertise how to deal and eliminate bottle necks or trouble of aircraft ground operation. And because Aviation Consultants Ehmanns always included Ramp Control or Air Traffic Control in aircraft operation projects, we also know about the duties and possibilities of their work.

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