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Hub Optimization

Hub Optimization is a “must” if you want, want to install or just want to optimize an existing hub operation at your airport. Otherwise it is difficult to stand the competition to other airports or satisfy the hub airlines and gain revenue.

It does not matter if your hub is fed by small or huge aircrafts, the optimization procedure are the same, only the dimension are different!

A hub operation must be tailor-made to the need of the hub airlines, but also flexible to possible fast changing situation around a hub operation.

Aviation Consulting Ehmanns reviews very thoroughly the situation of your hub operation and will also take into account the wishes and needs of the hub airlines. The result of Aviation Consultants Ehmanns research and evaluation will show up to the airport the necessary changes in the passenger and aircraft operation, the necessary improvements on the infrastructure, reasonable recommendations for the hub airlines and, of course the economical results of all improvements.

We have proofed our expertise and knowledge at one of the biggest airport of the world (New York, JFK) but also on small hub airports in Germany, Italy, Czech, Poland, Belarus and Russia

Please have a look at our hub optimization projects here.